Why waiting for the future holds back your happiest self.

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Ever since I was a little girl, the future excited me. Like most kids, I looked forward to Christmas, birthdays, new school years, and growing up.

I made plans for my future, what I wanted to do, and who I wanted to be.

I dreamt of going to college far away, becoming a doctor, traveling, having kids, a husband, a life away from home for Godsake.

My brain was always in the future. Locked in daydreams, I was hooked on looking ahead. Little did I know I was missing out on what was right in front of me.

I struggled…

It’s okay to not be okay.

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My freshman year of college was a new start for me.

I had spent all of high school in a miserable state of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Finally, I chose to be happy again about halfway through senior year. I chose to heal, and see the light in my life again.

With that choice, I also chose to go to school in Seattle, Washington; thousands of miles away from home.

To me, being depressed again wasn’t even an option. I didn’t want to mess up this part of my life.

My freshman year was full of happiness, friends, and…

Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow.

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The second I graduated high school, I had the next 8 years of my life fully planned out.

I was a goal-oriented machine.

And it was great. I had the security in my mind that I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and more importantly, what I was going to do.

  1. Move to Seattle
  2. Study nutritional science
  3. Get an internship at a naturopathic office
  4. Apply to medical school
  5. Become a doctor
  6. Open my own practice on the west coast

Sounds good to me. Too bad after one-quarter of college it didn’t anymore.

I had this fixated version of my…

Stop making excuses and start making life happen.

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I still remember my freshman year of college: wake up at 7 am, go to the gym, get ready, go to class, do homework, go to work, repeat.

I was a machine, better yet, a robot to the daily tasks that I did.

I was productive, got stuff done, and was creating a path of success for my life. The best part about it was that I never really thought about what I was doing; I just did it.

Since the beginning of quarantine, my productivity has hit an all-time low.

It took weeks to get used to the fact…

Why you need to stop doubting yourself and just do it.

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As the infamous Nike slogan goes, “Just Do It.”

But even an outspoken Gemini like myself still finds ways to trickle self-doubt and worry into my everyday life.

Let me put it in perspective.

I have been wanting, no more like dying, to have a successful Youtube channel. It has been my dream for the past ten years to make it happen.

However, I only started making videos these past two months, and those videos (or most of them) were not good.

Okay, maybe I’m hard on myself. But they weren’t great in regard to quality, editing, or sound. …

Here are the excuses and why you need to stop using them.

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As college students, we are asked to select a major that defines what we want to achieve once we graduate.

It’s the first thing we asked someone when we meet them at school:

“Hi! I’m Taylor!”

“Hi I’m _____, what’s your major?”

We’re expected to know what we want to do with our lives by 18 — the age of adolescence and arrogance.

I remember picking my major because I wanted to be a naturopathic doctor. I had this whole plan to go to medical school, do a residency, and open a practice in Seattle, WA. It was a good…

Why influencer marketing is hurting the youngest generation.

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It takes roughly 25 years for a brain to fully develop. However, at the mere ages of young adolescence, there are teens making millions, winning awards, understanding college level Algebra, or excelling at a sport.

“It’s a paradoxical time of development. These are people with very sharp brains, but they’re not quite sure what to do with them.” — Frances E. Jensen

There’s no doubt that being young doesn’t mean you can’t be intelligent or gifted. But it also doesn’t mean that you aren’t easily mesmerized by a screen full of pictures.

To be scientifical about this, teenagers have fast-growing…

When you want to downsize, but still own what you want.

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I still remembering binge-watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and thinking to myself, “How can anyone own that much stuff?”

As humans, we naturally form emotional attachments to people, places, and even things. The hoarding epidemic is one that has turned into reality TV shows such as “Hoarding: Buried Alive” and “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

It’s almost humorous how many items one person can accumulate over the years. It’s been turned into shows for our entertainment. Meanwhile, we may not know we’ve been doing the same.

For me, it was easy to see how many clothes and random objects I…

We were founded on genocide, built on slavery, and sustained by a primarily white government for most of America’s existence

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It’s time to use our voices.

We celebrate Columbus Day every October 12th. Parades fill the streets and people receive days off from school and work to celebrate the founding of the Americas.

We are taught to celebrate Christopher Columbus. He is known in history as the man who sailed the ocean blue in 1492, discovering America. I was in the fifth grade when I learned about him, we wrote an essay on the importance of him and how he inhabited the land of America, making it the land of the free.

The irony is inconceivable.

America was founded by…

Maybe we all needed a break.

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Coronavirus has kept most of us at home and social distancing from the beginning of March.

This was a time where I was in the midst of my college life in Seattle, Washington. I had a job, friends, school work, a potential boyfriend, a routine to my life that I surely loved.

Then the news came.

We would be sent home early for spring break, and the rest of the year would be online.

It was a small punch in the face. My whole life seemed to be going so well, and now I had to live at home. Every…

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